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Termite Protection for Builders & Architects

When deciding on Termite protection for your next project, consider the advantages and flexibility of TERM-seal Termite Management Systems, which provide high quality treatments and Termite barriers for pre-construction, renovations and additions, and can be used post-construction.

Australian style and design of building structures varies dramatically - residential or commercial, location and slope of the land, etc - which all influence the construction processes required. In many cases the requirement for multiple construction methods can present some real difficulties with providing adequate Termite protection. Because of these difficulties, TERM-seal saw the need to create a range of products that could be used for Termite protection for a variety of construction methods with the ability to integrate into one another. For many Termite Management systems, providing adequate protection in these circumstances becomes very difficult and does not provide true efficacy.

TERM-seal Termite Management Systems are made up of 6 main components, with several ancillary components used in the installation.

The main components are:

  • TERM-seal Ura-Fen Major (Expansion foam)
  • TERM-seal Ura-Fen Shield TWB (Tri-Layer Sheet Barrier), tested and approved by CSIRO for Termite/Damp-Course barrier across cavities or as a termite/vapour barrier for full under-slab installation
  • TERM-seal PRM Active (Poly Re-inforced Membrane)
  • TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active (Paintable polymer based liquid for combine Termite / Moisture Protection
  • TERM-seal Sealant Active (Crack & Joint Sealant providing combined Termite / Moisture protection

Ancillary components being:

  • TERM-seal Penetration Collars
  • TERM-seal Ura-Fen Adhesive
  • TERM-seal Reo-Band & Reo-Sheet
  • TERM-seal Prime Coat

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TERM-seal Termite Management Systems provide superior protection against Termites, and moisture protection. Bifenthrin is an active control agent which repels and kills Termites but is safe for humans, animals and the environment when installed. Our unique patented technology incorporates this control agent in the manufacturing process of our products, which results in products with all the benefits of chemical protection without any residual, environmental or dermatological impact. Our products have been rigorously tested by independent Australian bodies, are CodeMark certified, comply with all Australian state and territory standards, are APVMA registered and have been awarded the future friendly stamp under Cert-Mark certification.

When choosing Termite protection for your next project, consider the advantages of TERM-seal Termite Management Systems for you and your client:

  • Integration and flexibility for all construction methods
  • Combined Termite / moisture protection
  • One installation, no COSTLY retreatments
  • Complies with standard AS3660.1.2000
  • Fully compliant with standard A.S./N.Z.S.4347.6 Damp-Coursing
  • CodeMark Certified & APVMA registered
  • 50 Year building lifetime product warranty
  • 20 Year product warranty for Multi-Purpose System when used for external joints and backfilled wall
  • No chemical residue: safe for your employees, your client and the environment
  • Cost competitive
  • Australian owned, designed and manufactured
  • Installed nationally by trained accredited installers

TERM-seal Termite Protection Solutions

  • TERM-seal Perimeter Barrier Systems
  • TERM-seal Penetration Protection
  • TERM-seal Basement & Backfilled Wall Protection
  • TERM-seal Construction Joint Protection
  • TERM-seal Ant Capping System
  • Post Construction
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