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Service Penetration Protection

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Service penetrations which penetrate through concrete slabs have the potential to provide concealed access for Termites. TERM-seal penetration collars effectively resolve this problem. Available to fit diameters 40, 50, 65, 80 and 100mm pipes, TERM-seal Penetration Collars are installed in conjunction with TERM-seal Sealant Active which will repel and kill termites while providing a moisture proof seal. This moisture protection is especially beneficial in wet areas which have been tiled flush to the penetration and also prevents wet area membranes lifting.

TERM-seal Penetration Collars are suitable for all types of residential and commercial concrete slab construction and have been appraised by CSIRO to comply with AS3660.1.

Cluster Penetrations

In both residential and commercial construction structures there will be instances when service penetrations are:

  • too close to each other
  • too close to the slab edge form boards to allow a collar to be fitted
  • are unusual or odd size diameters

In these instances we have a procedure to create a void around the penetration/s during pouring of the slab. After the slab has cured we utilize TERM-seal Sealant Active which is injected into the void to provide combined long term protection against Termites as well as protection from moisture from under the slab.

Penetration protection after the slab has been poured

If penetration protection was not provided prior to the slab pour or existing pipes need treatment, this can be resolved by chiselling out a void around the pipe and injecting TERM-seal Sealant Active and or bandaging around the pipe using TERM-seal Sealant Active and TERM-seal Reo-Band.

Use a chisel bolster to lightly chisel out concrete around pipe penetration:

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 penetration protection after the slab has been poured penetration protection after the slab has been poured penetration protection after the slab has been poured
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