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Demise Termite and White Ant
Monitoring and Baiting System


Demise bait and monitoring system was designed and developed in Australia by our own qualified entomologist who specialises in termite proofing products and control systems.

Demise provides houses with:

  • Colony control and total termite & white ant elimination
  • Individually designed non-intrusive station installations
  • Non-poisonous and non-toxic to humans or pets termite/white ant solution
  • Environmentally friendly as it only targets termites/white ants
  • Durable componentry reduces costs of re-installation of equipment
  • "Abide" the highly palatable control agent
  • "Converge" our unique feeding accelerant - quicker feeding, quicker control

Further Product information

 demise baiting system above ground

Above Ground Stations

Used when termites/white ants are already in the home. The above ground stations are placed selectively over the termite workings. After placement of the station is complete the control agent Abide is added, safely sealed in the station. Once feeding has commenced colony elimination is guaranteed.

 demise baiting system above ground

In-Ground Stations

As the name suggests, these stations are placed in the ground around the home at pre-determined intervals. They are also placed where termites/white ants are likely to be foraging. "Converge" our termite and white ant feeding accelerant is added to each station. When termites and white ants are found to have entered the stations "Abide" is added and the colony elimination process has started.

 demise baiting system in concrete

In-Concrete Stations

If you have concrete paths, driveways or patios abutting the home we use the in-concrete station. This station has an anti-slip stainless steel lid which sits flush with the concrete paths. The stations are placed in the concrete around the home at certain intervals where termites and white ants are likely to be foraging.

 abide bait tasty to white ants


Is the termite/white ant consumable control agent. It has been specifically formulated to which termites/white ants find highly palatable. The termites take "Abide" back to the colony where the entire colony is eliminated.

 demise activity accelerant monitored


After colony elimination, the above ground stations are removed, in ground stations that were invaded by termites/white ants are given a full upgrade and the monitoring continues.

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